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Your Different Option for Roofing Materials Charleston SC

This is hardly necessary to explain, but just recall: the choice of material for the roof is not just an aesthetic solution. The range of materials available is determined primarily by the nature of the building. Practicing professionals – architects and designers – talk about what it is important to pay attention to so that there are no surprises. Or how, at least, to be ready for them.

The choice is always a compromise.

There is no ideal roofing material contact for more information https://alpha-omegainc.com/residential-roofing-charleston/: each has its pros and cons, and absolutely all roofing materials can serve well. Only you can decide what and for what to sacrifice. Fit into the budget, but make different roofing or even change the style of the house as a whole. Perhaps silence is most important to someone (people show varying degrees of loyalty to noise). All this will affect the choice of roofing material. Let’s build on what task you are solving.

When you want beauty

If a house is designed from scratch, it’s worth thinking about the shape and design of the roof many times. Perhaps the solution from the photos that you found on the web is completely not suitable for you. For example, because you plan to put the house in a not so picturesque place. Obviously, it is not necessary to lay a flat roof in the project if the view from it opens onto the federal highway or the landfill. A translucent roof will be inappropriate where it will be regularly littered with snow or fallen leaves.

When the house is already standing, it is necessary to block.

When choosing a material for the roof, it is imperative to take into account its weight so as not to exceed the permissible load indicators. For example, ceramic tiles are heavy material. And this is especially important in the case of an existing house, when there is no way to lay the increased load in the project. At the same time, we remember that the frame construction of the house requires a lighter roofing material than capital.

When it is important to solve complex problems 

A Roof of a complex shape with many angles, bends and turns is recommended to be made of flexible materials – this way you will do without special connecting elements that visually violate the roof geometry. Flexible requires foundation preparation during installation. But it allows you to cover the roof of complex intricate shapes with the lowest material consumption compared to the same metal tiles and other sheet materials. For this reason, for complex roofs, it is better not to use, for example, metal profiled sheets.

Flat roofs are an effective solution, but in the Russian climate they require their specific and often more expensive solutions. Although this type of roof is traditionally associated rather with warm countries, the example from the photo proves that in Siberia a flat roof can work if you think about everything in advance. The lynx in this project is made with an understated parapet, forming a recess of 40 cm at a rate of a meter. Due to this, snow is blown from the roof by the wind, even when it falls a lot, and the ceiling does not experience overloads. For insulation, the roofing pie was “assembled” from a layer of vapor barrier, insulation (extruded polystyrene 200 mm thick) and waterproofing from a polymer membrane.

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